I have bronchitis. Bronchitis is one of those annoying things that tends to crop up whenever breathing effectively would be particularly useful. The first week of Year 11, for example. It’s an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which usually clears up pretty easily with some antibiotics, but is somewhat tedious in the meantime. I have […]

I am a nerd. I think most people will have picked up on this by now. A few years ago, someone called me a geek during a Maths lesson, and the teacher called over “She’s not a geek! She’s a nerd!” I think you’ve hit a low point when that’s coming from your Maths teacher, […]

I’m writing this for one reason and one reason only. I’m sick, and bored. That’s two reasons. Whatever. Being sick used to be so exciting when I was younger. You got to make a bed on the sofa and do whatever you liked all day! There was lemonade! Your parents would go to the video […]

 “Hey Lucy, weren’t you going to keep a REGULAR blog or something?” Oh, shut up.  I’m crawling back, okay? I knew I’d get bored and stop writing, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I’d hoped to get more than THREE posts done! I really wish I’d been busy or something, but the […]

Everybody uses the internet. It’s just one of those things. I personally can’t go a week without it, and when I do I almost feel that itching need to check Facebook, known as “e-anxiety” and experienced by 51% of people online. Apparently at least 2.3 billion people are now using the internet – which is quite frankly, a little scary… […]

I’m Lucy. I’m in my early teens (don’t go away yet!) and I’m from London, but I moved to Australia when I was little. I now live in Adelaide with my EXTREMELY ENGLISH family. Basically I fit into the annoying movie stereotypes – smart but not popular, great friends but not too many, big dreams […]